Meet the Entrepreneurs

Meet the Entrepreneurs

A collaboration between Israel’s leading real estate companies.


ICR is the Israeli real estate company that thinks different. Since 2020, the company has been owned by two prominent real estate groups – the Israel Canada Group and the REEM Group – which both contribute substantial added value to the company: financial strength, vision, creativity, initiative, and leadership.

ICR specializes in constructing luxury complexes in high-demand areas and in residential neighborhoods across Israel, which are both part of its innovative new urban residential concept.

In addition, the company is engaged in urban renewal projects in selected cities. ICR is also active in the hotel industry in key strategic areas, including projects on the Herbert Samuel Promenade and HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv, hotels in Jerusalem, and more.


The Israel Canada Group is a real estate investment company dedicated to developing, constructing, and improving properties in Israel and around the globe. For more than two decades, Israel Canada has been shaping the urban fabric in prominent high-demand areas throughout Israel and worldwide, always choosing land and properties that benefit from the most strategic locations.

The Group is proud of a long line of architectural achievements that have left their mark on the world and secured its position at the forefront of the income-producing real estate investment field, both in Israel and internationally.

The REEM Residences Group was formed through a collaboration between Jordache Israel and ORC.

Jordache Israel is a holding group engaged in real estate, hospitality, aviation, shipping, industry, and agriculture. It is a subsidiary of the global Jordache brand, controlled by brothers Joe, Ralph, and Avi Nakash, and its business activity in Israel is directed by entrepreneur and real estate developer Avi Hurmero. The Group’s assets include the Setai, Herbert Samuel, and Orchid hotel chains, Ampa House, and the “Brands Boulevard” in Dizengoff Center, among others. In addition, the Group holds assets in various fields across Israel, such as Arkia Israeli Airlines, the Port of Eilat, and more.

ORC Group, controlled by Raz Oded, is active in real estate development and income-producing properties in Israel and around the globe. ORC specializes in the acquisition, improvement, and management of diverse income-producing properties.


The Zemach Hammerman construction company is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and widely regarded as one of the highest quality and most reliable real estate businesses in Israel. The company is primarily engaged in the development and construction of office, commercial, and large-scale projects, and also undertakes the construction of selected projects on behalf of other industry leaders under the turnkey method. As a real estate developer, it focuses on affordable and luxury residences in high-demand areas, as well as the construction of hi-tech, commercial, office, and industrial complexes.

Established in 1997, Zemach Hammerman represents the merged expertise of two companies, each with more than 50 years of experience in the real estate and construction sector.

Kika Braz Archtects & Urban Planners was founded in 1989 by the architect Kika Braz-Schwartz, who graduated with honors in architecture and urban planning from the Technion, and also holds a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University, NYC.

Over the years, the firm has established itself as an Israeli industry leader across various residential fields, designing everything from low-rise neighborhoods, through high-rise complexes, to genuine skyscrapers, always maintaining a delicate balance between the best creative design and optimal functionality. Its clientele includes many of Israel’s largest construction groups alongside private developers and landowners.

The firm is honored to have won numerous awards and nominations for design and excellence.

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